HAIper Platform

High-End Toolset

Our dashboard platform and smart contracts are fully functional using C# (high level programming language) so won’t have to deal with a buggy interface

Easy to Use

With instructions among the way and a 24/7 support you will use HAI for everything!


HAI is made with hundreds of options so your research or task can be fully understood by the system and you can create your own options!

Fast & Low-cost

The main purpose of creating HAI is to use the power of AI in order to get results in no time at a low monetary cost, saving you & business owners thousands


Alfredo Aguirre

CEO / Co-Founder

An enthusiast of cybersecurity and finances with experience in both fields and vast knowledge in programming.

Alejandro Flores


More than 4 years in the Data Warehousing industry and a passion for threat hunting in cybersecurity.

David Covarrubias

Lead Infrastructure & Hardware Designer

High qualified professional with 5 years of experience in the hardware cybersecurity solutions industry.

Keyla Garza

PR Manager

Passionate professional for crypto-marketing with experience in the technology field and capable of showing the vision of HAI Project.

Grecia Villegas

UX/UI Lead Designer

Experienced professional with +100 different apps in her portfolio allowing HAI to be easy to use.

Lui Ferrandiz

AI Developer

Professional with +10 years of experience working as a programmer in C#, ASP.NET and AI specialist.

10+ Team Members


Michael Scrollavezza

Professional with +4 years of experience as a Project Manager and designer experience.

Parthik Acharya

An expert in finances working as a Senior Financial Analyst for one of the biggest banks in India with 3 years of experience.

Christian Aidan Mogol

An experienced trader and influencer with over 5 years of experience.

Want to be an advisor?


In order to unlock the smart contract address it is required to fill our Know Your Costumer form to allow us to ensure the validity of our investors so we can fulfill legal requirements according to the location of investors.
Because of recent laws that apply for US residents we can’t accept investors from that country, if it is detected that an US investor attempts to buy HAI tokens from our ICO we will freeze those tokens.
It is a small form that let us know our customers in the ICO. KYC (Know Your Client).
Due to our smart contract, ETH must be sent through our supported wallets ex. Metamask and MyEtherWallet. Remember all tokens sent directly from an exchange will be lost and don’t forget to set gas limit to 250,000.
The Pre-ICO phase has duration of 7 days starting at: 15th March 2018 Notice: A 25% bonus will be applied to early investors within thin this phase and the ICO phase will consist of 3 rounds with a duration of 1.5 weeks each, in which each round will have different bonuses.
A total of 63 million HAI tokens will be sold divided in 2 phases, 7 million HAI are assigned for the Pre-ICO phase and 56 million will be sold during the ICO phase.
We recommend using Metamask or MyEtherWallet in order to participate in the rounds as those wallets offer support for ERC20 tokens.
We can’t predict the markets (our AI will try after sometime!) but in order to reward our early investors we will have a rebuy program reducing the circulating supply of HAI tokens, allowing the price to go up increasing the demand for each token.
The Pre-ICO phase will be available for investors starting at 1 HAI = .0004 ETH starting at a minimum order size of 0.05 ETH. Once the ICO phase starts the XXXX price per token will be 1 HAI = 0.0005 ETH with the same minimum order size.
Our Soft-Cap is 5,500 ETH, which means that is the lowest amount of ETH we can accept in order to start the project with the same capabilities but with a decreased performance overall, and our Hard-Cap is 20,000 ETH, which is the maximum amount we are willing to accept from investors allowing us to fund the project at its best performance.

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